The Mosquito War

Wherever I go, they seem to follow me. “Sweet blood” they say.. well.. I do have a sweet tooth, maybe if I cut down on the chocolate the mosquitoes might also leave me alone.

However, I’m not going to leave the chocolate. I could never..

So instead, I have created a military routine in preventing the flying terrors from biting me (as much), and how to stop my body from reacting so badly when they do bite me.

I am no doctor..just a woman desperate not to go insane from mosquitoes. Here’s what I do:


I take garlic capsules for at least one month before I begin travelling and for the whole duration of my trip. It is rumoured that mosquitoes don’t like garlic. Honestly, I have no factual evidence to prove they reduce the number of bites I get. However the capsules are cheap and have zero side effects. For this reason, I take the gamble, and ever since I have been bitten less.

Aloe Vera tablets and gel:

Aloe vera is known to soothe. For this reason, I double up. One tablet a day, as well as applying pure aloe vera gel to mosquito bites. I also use it on a regular bases on my skin. Place it in the fridge or make ice cubes for an extra cooling effect. Trust me!


As much as I love getting a sun tan, I hate getting bitten. Cover up! Especially at night. Or they will bite you. Honestly, they’ll probably bite you anyway.. through the clothes. But wearing long layers does make a huge difference. Its worth it.

Mosquito net:

As much as they drive me up the wall..use them. Mosquitoes love night time, and they will bite you in your sleep unless you’re in a net. Make sure you tuck it in properly, or they will just come inside the net. Worth the hassle of putting it up!

Bug sprays:

So personally, even the best bug sprays with the highest percentage of deet do very little for me. I’m sure they work for many, so please do try them. As alternatives, I use two sprays. The first is my own remedy of purification oil mixed with medical alcohol. The second is AVONs dry oil spray, which regardless of the fact it repels mosquitoes is AMAZING for your skin.

Wall plug in:

Recently I purchased a ‘mosquito repellent’ plug in from boots in the UK. Great to add to your list when you have power..not so great otherwise. Worth a try! It wouldn’t be on here if I didn’t recommend it.


As my body reacts really badly to any bites, my doctor prescribes me two different antihistamines. Worth talking to your GP about. They save my life!!


There are so many ‘after bite’ creams on the market. From past experience, the best thing to do is use around three different cream. I use a combination of stronger prescribed creams with gentler, more general skin creams. I don’t apply them at the same time, but simply alternate between them throughout the day/week. This gives my skin a break from the stronger creams as well as ensuring the mosquito bites settle as much as possible.

Tiger balm:

Little explanation needed.. use it. In your most desperate times, use tiger balm. Just don’t get any in your me it burns!

Over 6 weeks in to living in Kenya, I stick to my mosquito routine. Yes I still get bitten..but much less. And my bites are causing me little trouble. Result!

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