When in Rome..

Rome is know for being the city of love and happiness.. so what better person to travel with than my mum! Considering I come from a stay-at-home family, I was surprised when my mum decided to brave it and backpack with me. Rome was one of the lucky chosen places.

However, Rome had its challenges. The crazy roads, crowds and hundred’s of tourist traps; but a must-visit place.

Our first stop was to check into where we were staying; Nerva Accommodation. This place was somewhere between a hostel and a hotel, perfect for a busy city trip. A central location with a small kitchen for tea and cakes.

The Colosseum:

Wow, even just passing by, the colosseum was beautiful. If anything, all of the photos from the visit look much better from the outside. We took a group tour round, and personally I would’t take another tour again. See it for your own eyes, walk at your own pace, and dip in and out of other tours when particular places interest you.

Another tip is to avoid the restaurants directly surrounding the colosseum, they’re pricy to say the least. On a budget, dip in and out of the side streets to find the best restaurants.


The Vatican:

No words can describe the place..choose a weekday/ earlier morning to visit and the Vatican will not disappoint. This place is famous for a reason, its outstanding. A must-see attraction.

One tip, do your research on the tickets. If you are like me and prefer to stay off the beaten track..avoid the Vatican. Possibly the most crammed place I have ever seen. However, the art was beautiful.  Don’t take a guided tour..grab a map and walk!


Segway Tour:

My favorite part of the whole trip was the nighttime Segway tour. The guides were amazing (found from booking.com). I strongly dislike group guided tours..but this is a must-do. We spend half an hour getting familiar with the Segways, trust me, you can do it. After, we set off exploring Rome. We visited so many different places..including the beautiful Spanish steps. Here was one of many places we disembarked and took photos of each other and the sights. I didn’t want this night to end. if you do anything in Rome, make it this tour.


Eat ice cream, drink coffee, take a segway tour..go to Rome!

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