My Top 5 Travel Organisations:

I never wants to be over charged and under satisfied by a travel organisation. For this reason, I have only travelled with one once, and that was the very first time I travelled solo. Now, I prefer working in partnership with organisations rather than paying them. However, people always ask me ‘how to travel’, and if you’re new to it, sometimes going with an organisation can be easier.

Here’s a list of my favourite organisations and a little bit about them.

  1. Ninth Wave Global:

If you’re looking for a travel experience with nature and community at the heart of it, NWG are the best. Based in Mexico, they run expeditions globally. They currently ‘work in Europe, the Americas and Australasia, encouraging quiet, humble and slow exploration of places and people’. Not the cheapest on the list however any travel lover is welcome, and the experience will definitely never be forgotten.

2. Raleigh International:

This sustainable development charity has seen plenty of growth over the past few years. Co depend on household income and destinations varying from Tanzania, Malaysian Borneo, Nepal and Nicaragua & Costa Rica. A great opportunity to engage with communities on a global level, particularly for those under 30!

3. International Citizen Service (ICS):

ICS provides overseas volunteer placements for 18-25 year olds and team leader placements for 23-35 year olds. A similar opportunity to Raleigh, both with a fantastic reputation and undoubtedly value for money.                      

4.  G Adventures:

Slightly on the more pricier side of things is G Adventures. They offer trips for all ages, individuals, couples and families on a global scale. If you’ve saved up, they’re definitely worth a look.

5. The Burns Price Foundation:

For those under the ages of 18, BPF isn’t an organisation who will arrange your travel experiences, but could potentially fund them if they have a community enhancing purpose. From wildlife conservation to working in schools, or even staying local. Worth a look.                                                                        


6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Travel Organisations:

    1. Hi! No problem. I actually did the same trip with them. If you like nature, the laid back lifestyle and eco-friendly approach, then NWG are for you. Campeche is beautiful, so colorful and fresh. The Usumacinata river was also amazing! If you have any more specific questions I’d be happy to help, my best advice is to invest in a decent jungle hammock. Think mine cost around $50 from amazon. You’ll want one with a mosquito net! If you email them, drop my name in, I know the team well and I’ll make sure you have a good time! Good luck. H

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      1. Hiya. I cannot see your name, only that you signed off as “H”. Glad to hear you had a great time. I’m going through the excited/nervous phase. Do tell me all about; the accommodation, the staff, the sort of ‘work’ you enjoyed most. If it’s OK that my Spanish is very beginner? Are there any ex-pat British folk in Campeche? I intend to fully be involved in NWG but it would be comforting to know I could really “get away” if I needed a breather… you know…? Thanks. Catherine.


      2. No worries. I’m about to email them anyway so I will let them know😊 for sure there are other Brits in Campeche. Jon, the main man is actually British. You’ll be living in a hammock in a house in Campeche or in the wild when you go on the journey. Get a hammock with a mosquito net! The staff are a very small team, see it like a family (half of them are actually a family!). I spoke zero Spanish..but it is so useful! Take a notebook and a Spanish phrase book. You’ll be fine. Campeche is lovely, so bright and vibrant! Not sure when you’re going but I have two British friends out there right now. The work varies a huge amount, depending on the time of year! Its all mostly eco friendly and nature stuff. Any other questions? Happy to help😊 – H

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      3. So I’ve never slept in a hammock before…, will I get used to it quickly? I thought Harriet was the main person, I’ve not heard of Jon yet. The first person I meet is Laura who is holding the fort while most others are on the Hudson expedition. I have a very basic grasp of Spanish and have a mini dictionary. I will pack it… I’m arriving in Campeche about mid September incase your friends are still in the area then… is it easy to get to xaman ek from the bus station? Thanks. C.


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